A post-Mormon friend of mine, who I’ll call Eliza R. Snowden, is an avid podcast listener. She was instrumental in helping me put together this quick-start guide to useful podcast episodes for transitioning Mormons. She isn’t ready to put her real name on a post-Mormon website, but I want her to have full credit for her work. Thank you, Eliza!

Of course, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of amazing podcast content. It’s meant to give new podcast listeners a place to start and long-time podcast listeners a few new ideas.

These episodes are not ranked in any particular order. They’re a mix of church history, science, philosophy, psychology, and what Eliza calls “just-for funsies.” We found every episode on this list useful in some way.

Note: A few episodes may contain swearing.

  1. Mormon Expression #276 How to Build a Transoceanic Vessel
  2. Infants on Thrones #182 Lowry Nelson VS George Albert Smith
  3. Mormon Transitions #38-39 Jon Ogden – Author of “When Mormons Doubt”
  4. Mormon Discussion #227 Warning Signs of an Unsafe Group
  5. Mormon Discussion #288 Lucy Walker and Spiritual Experiences
  6. Cognitive Dissidents #8 Testimony Gained in the Bearing of It
  7. Cognitive Dissidents #9 Doubt and the Internet
  8. Cognitive Dissidents #11 Gaslighting [Bill Reel reads and responds to this article.]
  9. Radio Free Mormon #3 Hiding Church History
  10. Radio Free Mormon #5 Make Way for Milk Strippings
  11. Radio Free Mormon #18 Faith Not To Be Healed
  12. Radio Free Mormon #33: Selling your soul for apologetics
  13. Year of Polygamy #10 Polygamy in Nauvoo
  14. Year of Polygamy #43 Violent 1850’s Utah
  15. Year of Polygamy #48 Southern Utah Polygamy…Cedar City and Violence
  16. ExMormon Conference 2007 Steven Hassan Releasing the Bonds
  17. ExMormon Conference 2012 Grant Palmer My Aha Moments
  18. ExMormon Conference 2013 Micah McAllister Exit Strategy…with Your Integrity Intact
  19. No Man Knows My HerStory #34 A Secular Come-to-Jesus-Meeting for White Ex-Mormons…
  20. No Man Knows My HerStory #30 Substance Abuse 101
  21. Mormon Happy Hour #21 Yo Mama’s So Mormon She Thinks…
  22. Naked Mormonism CC – The Book of Mormon [found between SpEdEp #13 and SpEdEp #14]
  23. Naked Mormonism #59-60 Smith Entheogen Theory Sunstone Presentation
  24. Naked Mormonism #105-106 Book of Abraham Logical
  25. A Thoughtful Faith #159 Lindsay Hansen Park: Critiquing Progressive Mormonism
  26. A Thoughtful Faith #178-179 The Truth About Marital Intimacy: A Critique…
  27. Mosaic #MormonMeToo Part 1: The First Law of Heaven (McKenna Denson interview)
  28. Mormon Mental Health #65 Recommendations from Two Mormon Sex Therapists
  29. Mormon Mental Health #130 Why the Church Holds the Positions it Does on Gay Marriage
  30. Mormon Mental Health #141 A Story of a Transgender Woman in the Church
  31. Ask An Ex-Mormon Therapist 3 Secrets to Having Happy Healthy Relationships…
  32. The Thinking Atheist Religious Trauma Syndrome [Learn more about RTS here.]
  33. NPR’s Hidden Brain I’m Right, You’re Wrong
  34. NPR’s Hidden Brain The Ostrich Effect
  35. The Liturgist #5 Spiral Dynamics
  36. Secular Buddhism #29 What Happens When We Die
  37. Secular Buddhism # 69 Sitting with Sadness
  38. 99% Invisible #240 Plat of Zion
  39. You Are Not So Smart #122 Tribal Psychology
  40. All in the Mind (ABC Radio) The Creation of Emotions
  41. The Jordan Harbinger Show #16: Unpacking the Science of the Influential Mind
  42. The Jordan Harbinger Show #18 Four Tendencies: The Framework for a Better Life
  43. The Jordan Harbinger Show #28 How to Spot a Psychopath
  44. The Joe Rogan Experience #974 Megan Phelps-Roper (Former Member of the Westboro Baptist Church)
  45. Oh No Ross and Carrie Go Mormon (Part 1 and 2) from July 2011
  46. The Art of Charm #675: Rotten Psychology
  47. TED Radio Hour: A Better You
  48. Mormon Stories #209-213 Dr. William Bradshaw: A Life of Science, Service, and Compassion
  49. Mormon Stories #313-316 John and Brooke Mclay (From CES to Ex-Mormons)
  50. Mormon Stories #317-318 BYU Professor Charles Harrell and the Evolution of Mormon Doctrine
  51. Mormon Stories #430-434 Hans Mattsson- Former LDS Area Authority Seventy (Sweden)
  52. Mormon Stories #472-475 Sandra (and Jerald) Tanner
  53. Mormon Stories #483-486 Christine Jeppsen Clark, Daughter of a General Authority
  54. Mormon Stories #493-494 Brent Metcalfe (Early Years, Mark Hofmann and the Bombings)
  55. Mormon Stories #535-539 Tom Phillips, the Second Anointing, and …Jeffrey R. Holland
  56. Mormon Stories #616-617 Thirteen Years of Silence
  57. Mormon Stories #650-652 One Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Mormon Transition
  58. Mormon Stories #671-672 Amy McPhie Allebest, author of “Dear Mormon Man…”
  59. Mormon Stories #688 How to Communicate with Orthodox/Believing Mormons
  60. Mormon Stories #744 “Broken Open” by Margi Dehlin
  61. Mormon Stories #759 The Courage of Savannah
  62. Mormon Stories #762-764 Natasha Helfer Parker- Mormon Sex Therapist
  63. Mormon Stories #913-915 Shawn McCraney Interviews John Dehlin

 Bonus Episodes Especially for Women 40 and Over

Mormon Stories #701-704 Kim Sandberg Turner, Founder of WOCA

Mormon Stories #706 Women of a Certain Age (WOCA)


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